Kwick Removal Man with a Van for any occasion


What would you have a Kwick Removal do for you? 

Kwick Removal customers use the service of a man with a van for a myriad of different uses. We obviously have our regular moving flats and houses removals services but often we find that customers with specific needs will call us as the only alternative to having to take on absurd jobs themselves.

We received a call from a client who had purchased a replica horse on Ebay but had failed to read the detailed description – thereby finding herself in the situation where she had to transport said horse from Wiltshire to London. Having taken dimensions and having ensured that the four legged wonder would fit into the larger of our fleet of luton vans we quoted for the work and received the job. Still remains the stranger of our jobs but this photo shows the horse in its current resting place.

We also get many calls from clients asking for Kwick Removal work without the van. Most of the time this is clients who require our packing service in the days before a large move but we did take a job once where a TV show simply required burly looking extras for a removal taking place in a TV program set in the East End of London. Fame at last!

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